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We Offer Several Retreats
& Workshops

For conferences or churches, Cyd and Geoff can lead in-person or virtual workshops and retreats on various topics.

These can be tailored for length and topic depending on your timeframe and emphasis (and titles can be changed to fit your context and communication).


Workshops and Retreats (see the descriptions below):

  • Attaching to God: The Spiritual Life beyond Anxiety and Avoidance

  • Anchored: Integrating Body, Emotions & Mind in Community

  • The Connected Marriage: Moving from Rupture to Repair

  • Reading the Bible through Relationship: The Story of God With Us

  • Reconstructing Faith: 5 Essential Shifts for a Resilient Christianity

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Attaching to God

The Spiritual Life beyond Anxiety and Avoidance

The science of attachment shows that because of early life experiences or later life traumas, we begin to travel down harmful relational pathways that prioritize either seeking intimacy or seeking independence.


But God has made us for the integration of both.

In this workshop or learning cohort, we explore the gifts and shortcomings of anxious-distracted and avoidant-dismissive attachment, and learn how to begin building a secure attachment with God and others. 


Integrating Body, Emotions & Mind in Community

Because God has created our good bodies, emotions, and minds, we need to know how God works through these to make us into people who love God and love others. 

After brief theological and scientific explanations, the majority of the time is spent practicing different tools for integrating our bodies, emotions, and minds in and for community. 

Image by Ashley Batz
Image by Natalia Sobolivska

The Connected Marriage

Moving from Rupture to Repair

We often hear that communication is the most important thing in a marriage. But before we can communicate, our marriage needs to be connected.


But so often our bodies and brains break off the connection, and effective communication becomes impossible. 


This workshop help marriages repair the everyday ruptures by  


  • building capacity for connection through neuroscience-informed practices, 

  • simple tools for repairing relational ruptures,

  • habits of living connected to God’s love within your marriage.

Reading the Bible through Relationship

The Story of God With Us

Applies the good news of the gospel of God’s presence to the shame and disconnection that we all experience.


This workshop or learning cohort explores biblically and personally, first how God wants to be with us―we belong in God’s presence. And, second, how from that place of belonging we can offer blessing to the entire world.

Based on our book, Does Goes Really Like Me? Discovering the God Who Wants to Be With Us.

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Shift Stick

Reconstructing Faith

5 Essential Shifts for a Resilient Christianity

Reconstructing faith shouldn't be scary or lonely, even if it is hard.  Do you want to move beyond endless criticism and cynicism without ending back at fundamentalist certainty?

The way forward is a more Jesus-Centered Faith.

This workshop or learning cohort focuses on these five shifts for reconstructing faith:

• From Biblicism to Jesus, the Word
• From Modern Mind to Embodied Faith
• From Anti-Science to Sacred World
• From Penal Substitution to Victorious Union
• From Culture War to Sent into the World.

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