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ATTACHING TO GOD Learning Cohort

Quieting our ANXIOUS JUNGLES and AVOIDANT DESERTS by building a SECURE Attachment to God and others.

A one-of-a-kind, 6-Week Learning Cohort—
Next Cohort Forming the Spring of 2024

Feeling stuck connecting with God?

Why do

  • some of us avoid talking to God?

  • others of us pray streams of consciousness?

Why do

  • some of us need to feel connected to God?

  • others of us just think about God? 

Why do spiritual disciplines and community

  • sometimes really help us connect?

  • other times seem to be dry and lifeless?

It's because our Insecure Attachment pushes us to live in the JUNGLE or DESERT.

Dear God, _If you are out there, please give me a touch of your love and wisdom and free m
Image by Annie Spratt

With God and others...

Why do you feel ALONE or ABANDONED, like God is silent and people don't understand you?

Why do you feel like NOTHING WILL CHANGE, that practically speaking, you don't really have any hope?

Why do you feel that life is OUT OF CONTROL, that you don't have any power to move forward? 

It's because sin has distorted your Attachment DEFAULTS.

Join the 6-week Attaching to God Learning Cohort

(Next Cohort Forming the Spring of 2024

Jungle Attachment Survival Kit 

  • Non-Verbal Focus on Bodies and Emotions

  • Relational Radar ("This is NEW")

  • When in conflict, "I am the problem."

  • When in distress, "I need my people."

Result: You connect with God through your heart, and sometimes God feels near, often feels far.


Desert Attachment 
Survival Kit 

  • Verbal Focus on Language and Logic

  • Rulebook of patterns ("I know this already.)

  • When in conflict, “They are the problem”.

  • When distressed, “I do it myself” ... alone.

Result: You sometimes connect with God through your head...sometimes not.

The Good Shepherd Invites us into the Pasture...

  • Where we integrate verbal and non-verbal aspects of connecting with God & others.

  • Where we can integrate the emotive and cognitive information around us.

  • Where we can be available for others and exercise our own agency

  • Where we can know and feel loved, and offer that love to others. 

The Attaching to God Learning Cohort will help you live in the pasture of secure attachment.


Join the 6-week 

Attaching to God 

Learning Cohort 
(Next Cohort Forming the Spring of 2024)

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Jeff (Pastor), OH

"These are some of the best tools available for starting a formational healing journey. I would recommend this cohort to everybody!"

Ginger, CA

"Learning about attachment in the context of Scripture is extremely important to me, and it builds an understanding of grace."

Steve (Pastor), KS

"Cyd and Geoff bring neuroscience into discipleship in a way that is easy to grasp, giving the church tools to heal and grow."

Week 1: The One Desire

How God made us for the good pasture of secure attachment and joyful connection.

Week 4: The Four Landscapes

How our embedded defaults keep us living in the Jungle, Desert, War Zone, or Pasture

Week 2: The Two Dimensions

The dimensions of intimacy and independence and the process of relational rupture and repair.

Week 5: Securing Attachment in an Insecure World

Following the Good Shepherd out of the Jungle and Desert into the Secure Attachment of the Pasture

Week 3: The Three Defaults

How our early relationships end up becoming embedded in our nervous systems as default answers to three key questions.

Week 6: Practicing Secure Attachment

Practices for deepening your Secure Attachment with God and learning to love others. 

Cohort Overview

Who is Leading the Cohort?

As trauma-informed educators and practitioners, Cyd and Geoff Holsclaw bring their training and experiences as a spiritual director and integrative coach (Cyd), and as a theology professor (Geoff), along with over 20 years of pastoring (together) to this learning cohort. 

They have been teaching and leading this material in conference form and as workshops for churches.

Join the 6-week Attaching to God Learning Cohort

(Next Cohort Forming the Spring of 2024)

What Comes with the Attaching to God Learning Cohort?

All for only $197

#1 /  Six Weeks of Recorded Videos

  • 2-3 teaching videos and 1 practice video by Cyd and Geoff covering the content for that week. 

#2 / Six Weekly LIVE Meetings

  • 60-minute Zoom meetings to integrate and practice what was taught for that week. 

  • SCHEDULE: Thursdays @ 4-5pm (EST), starting Feb. 8 (Feb. 8, Feb. 15, Feb. 22, Feb. 29, March 7, March 14).

  • And if you miss the LIVE ZOOM meetings, we will send you the recording!!!

#3 / Bonus Materials

  • Neurobiology of Rupture and Repair — ebook

  • Praying to the One Who Repairs Ruptures — prayer guide on the Lord's Prayer

  • The Brain God Gave Us — ebook

  • All teaching outlines

  • All teaching slides.

Kerry (Spiritual Director)

"Not only has this cohort brought transformation to my life, but it has given me tools to help others in my ministry work."

Join the 6-week 

Attaching to God 

Learning Cohort

(Next Cohort Forming the Spring of 2024)

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